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Bring the Old-Time Soda Fountain to Life at Home

By A bottle of acid phosphate is all you need to bring iconic American sodas into the present.

5 Healthful Kombucha Cocktails to Kick Off the New Year

By The fizzy fermented tea can add surprising character to your cocktails.

5 Colorful Ways to Drink More Pomegranate This Season

By Love the sweet-tart fruit in all its forms? Try it in wintry Sangria and boozy popsicles.

5 Champagne-Infused Desserts for Your New Year’s Party

By Let the corks fly and bubbly flow into elegant desserts your guests won’t soon forget.

How to Create Your Own Showstopping Holiday Hot Toddy Bar

By Let your party guests top off their own Toddies with festive mix-ins, spices and floats.

5 Festive Alcohol-Free Drinks For All Your Holiday Parties

By Booze-free Butterbeer is here. And it’s ready to party.

Exclusive: Rapper 2 Chainz Teams Up with Jägermeister to Create Signature Cocktails

By Check out the footage from his visit to the German distillery.

All the Reasons You Should Be Drinking Apple Brandy and Applejack

By It’s fall. They’re delicious. That’s all the there is to it.

5 of October’s Finest Cocktails That Are Ready for Squashing

By Get your gourd on by squashing pumpkins into your party drinks all month long.

6 Beautiful Halloween Cocktails You’ll Actually Want to Drink

By Ready to party? These potions are spiked with just the right amount of black magic.

Drink Me Now: Concord Grapes

By Concord grapes already play a starring role in your peanut butter–and-jelly sandwich. But what can they do for your drinks?

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Oktoberfest

By Six million liters of suds, plus everything else you need to see at the biggest beer event of the year.

A 100-Year-Old NYC Landmark Finds New Life

By New York’s Dante celebrates the glory of the aperitif as an all-day drinking destination.

5 Showstopping Punches That Shine a Spotlight on Bourbon

By The best way to celebrate a month devoted to bourbon? Pour your bottles into a party-fueling punch.

What You Don’t Know About the World’s Rarest Beers

By Intrepid beer bounty hunters will need a streak of luck to track down these elusive brews.

5 Juicy Grape Cocktails That Fell Straight Off the Vine

By Celebrate the humble table grape by spinning it into vibrant cocktails with your favorite spirits.

10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Aquavit

By Scandinavia’s traditional spirit has been the life of the party for centuries. You should be adding the caraway-infused classic to your bar cart.

6 Summer Upgrades to Your Moscow Mule

By Adventure beyond the familiar trio of vodka, lime and ginger beer with these migrating Mules.

5 Sour American Beers for People Who Love It Tart

By Like to get funky but can’t find a true Belgian lambic? Try these sour American styles that deliver the pucker you seek.

Rioja Has Your Summer Wine Needs Covered

By The region in northern Spain is known for its red wine, but its best-kept secret? Exceptional, affordable whites and rosés.

Make/Do: 3 Expert Ways to Stick a Tap Into Every Summer Fruit

By Roll out the melons. It’s time to turn summer’s ripe bounty into customized kegs.

5 Small-Batch Aperitifs You Should Seek Out This Summer

By These cheeky domestic bottles will forever change your summer drinking game.

6 Easy-Drinking American Beers You Should Pack for Your Beach Trip

By Prefer sunbathing to beach volleyball? There’s an ideal brew for every sandy summer activity.

Meet Tepache, Summer’s Favorite New Pineapple Drink

By Step aside, agua fresca. This Mexican street beverage made with fresh pineapples and spices should be your new summer standard.

The Craziest Tiki Drinks in the United States

By Glow-in-the-dark punch, a treasure chest stocked with rum and a giant blazing volcano that serves 300 people? You’re going to need a bigger straw.

5 Party-Perfect Frozen Drinks for the Fourth of July

By Raise a glass to your freedom and your freezer with five gloriously cold drinks this holiday.

Cocktails in a Capsule? The Future is Here

By Is it the future of home cocktails, or a crazy gimmick?

5 Bold Beer Cocktails to Serve Dad on Father’s Day

By Give your dad the gift he really craves this holiday: Strong, smoky, spicy brews laden with the likes of amaro, mezcal and even Sriracha.

5 Pucker-Worthy Summer Shrub Recipes to Make Now

By Take it from colonial Americans: Shrubs are the ultimate thirst-quencher. Sweet-tart and fruity, these vinegar-based syrups should be starring in your summer cocktails.

What Happens When Craft Cocktails Meet the Keg

By Want complex craft cocktails in a flash? Head to these bars that swap the shaker for high-quality, pre-batched drinks on-draft.

5 Easy Pitcher Drinks for a Partytastic Memorial Day

By Entertaining over the holiday weekend? You need these bubbly, big-batch cocktails that can be stirred to life in seconds.

Love Craft Beer? How About Craft Wine Made with Hops?

By Meet the Green Hopped Gooseberry Bomb Sauvignon Blanc.

Before You Buy a Bottle of Wine, Try These Flavor Strips

By Sample-sized strips could eliminate buyer’s remorse.

5 Revolutionary Aging Techniques That Look Beyond the Barrel

By Prefer drinking that has a sense of adventure? These experimental aging methods produce spirits that travel from the depths of the ocean to actual space orbit.

5 Creative Ways to Use Up That Vermouth in Your Kitchen

By Don’t put your vermouth in a cocktail corner. Plenty of dishes benefit from a splash of the sweet—or dry—fortified wine. It’s time to look beyond the Martini and Manhattan monopoly.

Make/Do: Squeeze Your Own Sunshine with Homemade Limoncello & Vanilla-Orangecello

By Craving the sweet-tart pucker of this golden liqueur? It’s sublimely easy to make at home, complete with a creamsicle-inspired sidekick.


By The creamsicle might have begun as a childhood sweet on a stick, but its base flavors can become a very adult beverage: Bright orangecello laced with vanilla beans.


By Limoncello is produced with equal passion in multiple areas of Italy: in Sorrento, along the Amalfi coast and on the island of Capri. It's a staple apéritif after many a dinner in Italy, and most restaurants hawk their own brand. Craving the sweet-tart pucker of this golden liqueur? It's sublimely easy to make at home.

5 Perfectly Springy Riffs on the Classic Pimm’s Cup

By Picnic season approaches, and your bottle of Pimm’s is ready to party. Spike, spice and freeze the gin-based liqueur into refreshing new forms.

Leftover Bread is Being Reincarnated as Beer in Belgium

By Save those stale loaves for your next pint.

This Brooklyn Distillery Tour is a Trip Worth Taking

By Traverse the Brooklyn coastline on this self-guided tour. You’ll discover an array of homegrown boozesmiths resurrecting the borough’s rich distilling past.

Make/Do: 3 Inspiring Ways to Make the Quintessential Tiki Syrup Orgeat

By Tiki classics like the Mai Tai and Scorpion wouldn’t exist without silky almond orgeat. Learn how to make the original at home, plus two adventurous riffs.

7 Innovative Hard Ciders You Need to Drink Now

By Hopped, barrel-aged and barbecue-smoked, these are the experimental ciders lifting the apple to bold new heights.

Astronauts: Meet the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass

By “Houston, we’re making Margaritas.”

7 of the Wildest Whiskey-Related Products on the Market

By From pizza cutters to pet beds, these oak-inspired home products prove there’s no wrong way to enjoy whiskey.

6 Truly Adventurous Takes on the Negroni

By The massively popular cocktail is primed for a makeover. Taste the bittersweet experimentation in Negroni ice cubes, popsicles and more.

The Secrets Behind the Perfect Irish Coffee

By Four ingredients stand between you and this storied cocktail. Master the perfect pour and you could soon be lining up cream-capped glasses by the thousands.

6 Fireball Whisky Drinks to Light Up Your Weekend

By You’ve likely guzzled the blazing liquid in countless shots, but have you explored its cocktail capabilities? Shock and wow with these fire-breathing glasses.

7 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Distilleries From Around the World

By Prefer your Scotch with a waterfront view or liqueur with a side of contemporary art? Let the tour of the world’s most beautiful distilleries begin.

7 Terrific Cocktails That Give Tea Time an Exciting New Meaning

By Take a second look at your trusty tea bag: That humble little pouch has surprising cocktail applications.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mead

By Mead could be the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages. And it’s back.

This is How You Bring the Juicing Craze to The Bar

By Are you in a dedicated relationship with your juicer? It’s time to start spiking your spirits with vibrant vegetable juices that go way beyond everyday cucumber.

5 Comforting Slow Cooker Cocktails to Help Deal with Winter

By How to banish the winter blues? Break out the slow cooker.

5 Epic Mardi Gras Milk Punches You Should Absolutely Make

By Replicate Mardi Gras revelry in your backyard with five modern takes on classic Milk Punch.

Sandeman Cask 33: The Story of a Very Old Tawny Porto | Partner Tip

By Sandeman celebrates 225 years with a singular cask.
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