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Archive for Allen Katz

French Martini

By James Bond wouldn’t want any fruit in his signature cocktail, but maybe you do.

Michael Collins Honeysuckle

By Bring out Irish whiskey's sweet side.
New New York Sour - Gin Cocktail

New New York Sour

By This is a refreshing twist on the classic New York Sour.

New York Sour

By The secret to this Whiskey Sour variation is a bit of red wine. Try the classic New York Sour.
Death In The Afternoon - Champagne Cocktail

Death in the Afternoon

By Champion drinker Ernest Hemingway claimed to have invented the Death in the Afternoon, a risky pairing of absinthe and Champagne, himself. His exact instructions suggested adding iced Champagne to a jigger of absinthe until it attained “the proper opalescent milkiness,” then proceeding to drink three to five of the cocktails in one sitting.
Colony Records - Rum Cocktail

Colony Records

By This fruity and spiced concoction is perfect for holiday entertaining.

C & B Old Fashioned

By C for Campari; B for Benedictine.
Parker Beam | Distiller Profile

Masters of Distilling: Parker Beam

By Co-founder of the New York Distilling Company and advisory board member Allen Katz honors long-serving Heaven Hill master distiller Parker Beam.
The Rose - Brandy Cocktail

The Rose

By Kirschwasser, vermouth and raspberry make a romantic combination.

Cheat Sheet: Fruit Brandy

By Top bartender and advisory board member Allen Katz explores the world of delicious fruit-based spirits.
Maple Old-Fashioned - Rum Cocktail

Maple Old Fashioned

By Forget pancakes! Use your maple syrup in cocktails.
Manhattan - Whiskey Cocktail


By Every home bartender should know how to make one of these.
Scarlet Glow - Pisco Cocktail

Scarlet Glow

By The secret to this gorgeous tipple is chilled hibiscus tea.
Golden Glove - Rum Cocktail

Golden Glove

By This extra-citrusy cousin of the Daiquiri gets a kick from Cointreau.

Frisky Whiskey

By This Michael Collins Irish Whiskey cocktail has some spunk.
Pegu Club - Gin Cocktail

Pegu Club

By This classic cocktail was invented in a British social club in Burma.
Between The Sheets - Rum Cocktail

Between the Sheets

By This provocatively-named cocktail dates back to Prohibition and amps up the classic Sidecar formula with an extra glug of rum. Don’t turn your back on the Between the Sheets—it may seem charming at first sip, but its double dose of spirits can easily sneak up on you.
Wind At Your Back - Rum Cocktail

Wind At Your Back

By Looking for a taste of summer? Try Allen Katz’s ginger, rum and fresh juices cocktail.
Bronx - Gin Cocktail


By It’s not as famous as a Manhattan, but it’s just as tasty.
Pernod Bottle - French Spirits

Revolution in a Cup

By Celebrate the French holiday Bastille Day by enjoying a range of the country’s spirits, as picked by talented bartender and advisor Allen Katz.
Cruzan Flip - Rum Cocktail

Cruzan Flip

By With rum, cream and egg, this drink is the perfect nightcap.
Scarlet Glow - Tea Cocktails

Getting in the Tea Spirit

By Cool down this summer with these iced-tea cocktails from talented bartender and advisor Allen Katz.
Jockey Club - Whiskey Cocktail

Jockey Club

By Mix up this distant cousin of the Manhattan.
The White Lady - Gin Cocktail

White Lady

By This pale and ghostly Sour was created by bartender Harry MacElhone in 1919 and originally featured crème de menthe in place of gin. The White Lady’s overly sweet pairing of two liqueurs was eventually righted with the addition of the juniper spirit ten years later at Harry’s American Bar in Paris.
Man-O-War - Horse-racing Cocktails


By Love the Kentucky Derby? Fix these classic equestrian cocktails from talented bartender and advisory board member Allen Katz.
Bitter Lemon Cooler - Gin Cocktail

Bitter Lemon Cooler

By Get a taste of summer with this citrusy gin drink.
Horse's Neck - Whiskey Cocktail

Horse’s Neck

By The Horse’s Neck gets its name from its long coiled lemon peel that snakes around the inside of the glass. Believed to be in rotation as early as 1895, this cocktail is further proof that the simplest combinations can often be the most satisfying.
Preakness - Whiskey Cocktail


By A splash of herbal Bénédictine gives this Manhattan variation added complexity.
Man o' War - Whiskey Cocktail

Man o’ War

By Named for one of the finest racehorses in history, this citrusy bourbon drink inspires.
Pisco Sour - Pisco Recipe

Pisco Sour

By The Pisco Sour is an exotic twist for any cocktail party or gathering. While both Chile and Peru claim this classic as their own, this cocktail has sweet and sour flavors that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.
The Goldwyn Follies - Gin Cocktail

The Goldwyn Follies

By An old-timey name for a tasty fall gin-and-tea drink.
Delmonico's, New York - Historic New York Bars

History Shot: New York City

By A guide to some of the Big Apple’s legendary drinking establishments and sites.
Cruzan Flip Cocktail - Nightcap Cocktails

Last Call

By A nightcap is the perfect way to end an evening.
Ramos Gin Fizz - Morning Cocktails

Cocktails To Wake Up To

By Clear away the morning fog the old fashioned way with stiff drinks.
Pisco Sour - Egg-White Cocktails

Secret Bartending Ingredient: Egg Whites

By Why you should use egg whites in your cocktail.
Thanksgiving Toast - Thanksgiving Spirits

Bourbon, Rum and Turkey: The Perfect Thanksgiving

By Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with these creative rum and bourbon holiday meal pairings.