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Yuengling Is Opening a Beer Hotel

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Yuengling development plans

If you’ve lived on the East Coast, you know that bottles of Yuengling lager are about as ubiquitous as Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Despite the recent craft beer revolution, the brand has such a devoted following that the owners are now expanding to build out a whole new Yuengling experience in Florida.

News about a Yeungling hotel leaked when a Tampa development group posted on Facebook that the company was moving forward on a mixed-use development project located next to the main brewery. The project is said to include 200 hotel rooms, a microbrewery, a beer garden, a tasting room, 12,700 square feet of restaurant space, a Yuengling museum and 5,900 square feet of conference space.


“As consumer interest in locally crafted beer continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to engage our loyal fans and re-envision the Yuengling experience in Tampa,” said Wendy Yuengling, who runs the business with other family members, in a statement. “This new development will not only offer visitors an enhanced brewery hospitality experience but will also increase our presence in the local community.”

But don’t expect to be able to visit anytime soon. Yuengling said the company is in the early stages of zoning. Luckily, there are other beer hotels to visit in the meantime (and this one has a beer spa and IPA hot tub).

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