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Your Dream of Owning a Winery Can Finally Come True

(image: General Interactive Co)

If you’re daydreaming about quitting your job and becoming a Napa Valley winemaker, today is your lucky day. That is, if you like playing Farmville or The Sims.

Game design company General Interactive Co released a new game today that puts players in charge of their own wine company, from planting the grapes to harvesting to making business decisions. With Terroir: A Wine Making Tycoon Game, you can even choose the types of grapes to plant, from pinot noir to cabernet sauvignon, and whether you’d prefer small batch production or high volume.


Much like games of yore like The Oregon Trail and Civilization, you’ll undoubtedly be met with bad weather and unexpected failures (in this case, a bad wine review) that you’ll have to overcome along the way to create the most successful winery of your time. At the very least, you’ll probably learn a thing or two about wine.

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