You Should Put Water In Your Whiskey, Science Says

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It’s a debate that has been raging on among whiskey enthusiasts for ages. Does a little water dilute your whiskey, or does it enhance the flavor?

When a debate gets this heated, it’s best to turn to science. At least that’s what a few Swedish chemists thought when they decided to attempt to put the age-old question to rest. Turns out, science says a little water does make the whiskey even better.

According to findings in Scientific Reports, when water is added to straight whiskey, the molecules associated with taste will spread throughout the glass. This can result in an increase of the aroma and taste of the whiskey.

Unfortunately, the scientists couldn’t tell us exactly how much water is the right amount for optimal taste. “Whiskey preferences are personal, and it’s very hard to say something in general,” Bjorn Karlsson, a computational chemist from Linnaeus University who co-wrote the paper, told NPR. “Whiskey is among the most complicated products there is in terms of chemical composition.”

Well, that settles it. Kind of.

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  • tony.protheroe.08397e7 posted 3 weeks ago

    I've drank Irish Whiskey for 50 years, always added water, two distilleries agreed with this. It's entirely up to you but IT DOESN'T SPOIL IT!!! Far from it, it enhances it..................SLAINTE!

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