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You Could Be Drinking Better This Summer

Summer is heating up and so are your poolside sipping options. But with so many choices and so little time, how do you decide what to drink? Don’t worry, Liquor.com’s got your back. These are some of the best recipes, tips and tricks scoured from the deepest depths of the interwebs. They’re everything you need to keep the right drink in hand all season long.

1. This Wine Slushie Is Like Boozy Magic

This adult version of the childhood staple starts out innocently enough. Then it takes a swift and shocking turn into YOLO territory.

Read “Wine Slushie” at Tasting Table.

2. 25 Essential Summer Drinks

Don’t miss out on these 25 refreshing and healthy drinks that will keep you cool while you’re chillin’ by the pool.

Read “25 Essential Summer Drinks” at Cooking Light.

3. 5 Margarita Variations You Need to Try

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when you’re dealt a hand of limes, make Margaritas.

Read “5 Margarita Variations” at Tasting Table.

4. Classic Cocktails Every Man Should Know

Start practicing these essential cocktails, and you’ll be a pro when it comes to making drinks for family and friends this summer.

Read “Classic Cocktails Every Man Should Know” at Food Network.

5. The Secret of the Red Solo Cup

If you’re attending any kind of group gathering this summer, chances are you’ll find a red Solo cup in your hand at some point. But do you know the secret feature of the iconic plastic cup? We know someone who does.

Read “The Secret of the Red Solo Cup” at The Kitchn.

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