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You Can Now Make Your Own Sparkling Wine With Your SodaStream

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(image: SodaStream)

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard, you’ve probably also imagined crafting that perfect bottle of wine that’s all your own. Now you can, minus the vineyard. That is, if you own a SodaStream.

The popular seltzer-making company announced today you can now make your own sparkling wine with limited-edition Sparkling Gold concentrate. Once you add the alcoholic mix to sparkling water, you’ll have created a wine resembling a fruity riesling, according to the company.

Sparkling Gold is available only at the SodaStream Germany online shop for now. A 200-milliliter bottle produces 12 glasses of wine and clocks in at 10 percent ABV when mixing according to the directions.

This isn’t SodaStream’s first foray into alcoholic concoctions. Back in 2015, the company introduced Mix, which boasted a mobile app designed to show you which ingredients you need to craft bubbly cocktails. Add a 3-D garnish and enlist a robot bartender, and you may as well change your last name to Jetson.

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