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Would You Drink Cocktails Made From Trash?

(image: Trash Tiki)

Environmentally conscious efforts are on the rise at bars and restaurants throughout the US. You’ve probably heard about bars ditching straws and growing their own herbs, but what about establishments that go so far as using would-be trash to make your cocktails?

One bartending duo wants to show you how, so they’re on a global pop-up tour serving “trash cocktails” along with tips and tricks for being more conscious about eliminating scraps behind the bar. Trash Tiki, which also hosts an online recipe resource, hopes bars can save money while creating delicious, sustainable drinks.

Recipes include ideas like turning all those leftover citrus husks into “citrus stock” and using stale almond croissants to make orgeat. Cocktail connoisseurs Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths are keeping the accompanying seminars open to the public in hopes that even in-home cocktail lovers can learn a thing or two.

Trash has never been so trendy.

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