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World’s First Fuel From Whisky Waste Gets Government Funding

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Image: celtic-renewables.com

We all know that we shouldn’t drink and drive, but it turns out that our whiskey waste could be the key to a new biofuel for our cars.

Scotland-based company, Celtic Renewables, plans to use draff and pot ale—two by-products of whiskey production—to create biofuel in a process called acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation.  


The company was the champion of the UK Department for Transport’s (DfT) Advanced Biofuels Demonstration competition, earning an £11 million grant to help build the world’s first plant-produced biofuel from whisky waste.

With the support of the DfT and private investors, Celtic Renewables hopes to be operational by December 2018 and produce one million liters or more of the biofuel each year.

Read more about this innovative new transport technology at The Telegraph.


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