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Woman Drinking Wine From Pringles Can in Walmart Parking Lot Banned From Store

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Unique drinking vessels can be a fun way to experiment with cocktails. From Christmas ornaments to coconuts, why not switch it up from your regular old glassware?

Maybe that’s what a woman in northern Texas thought when she decided to head to her local Walmart, hop on one of the store’s electric shopping carts and pour herself a hefty wine pour in an empty Pringles can. She spent three hours on Friday cruising around the store’s parking lot, from around 6:30 to 9 a.m.

Someone eventually called the police to the Wichita Falls store, but by the time they arrived, the woman had headed to a nearby restaurant. Police found her and informed her that she was banned from the Walmart, but she was not arrested.

We guess she’ll have to start shopping at Target now.

Locations: Texas Wichita Falls
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