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Woman Downs Pricey Liquor and Causes a Scene at Beijing Airport

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Rémy Martin XO Excellence is aged for more than 22 years—but that didn’t stop one Chinese woman at Beijing Capital International Airport downing a full bottle of the cognac in one sitting.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, bought the 700mL bottle of cognac—which cost about $200 USD—at an airport in the States. Zhao was journeying home to Wenzhou, China with her booze in a carry-on bag when security told her that she would be unable to transfer the bottle onto a domestic flight at Beijing’s main airport: the contents of Zhao’s bottle exceeded liquid limit for carry-ons in China.


In an effort to pass security without letting the cognac go to waste, Zhao decided to drink the entire bottle before boarding her Wenzhuo-bound flight. Her travel plans were cut short when the pilot refused to let Zhao board the plane in her…condition.

The captain’s concern for Zhao’s safety and the safety of others on board the flight was bolstered by her belligerent, drunken behavior outside of the boarding gate. Zhao rolled around on the ground, unable to stand up on her own, and yelled incoherently until the police removed her from the boarding area in a wheelchair.

After several hours of rest, Zhao thanked officers for taking care of her and left the airport in the care of several family members.

Find out more about the incident at the South China Morning Post.

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