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Wine Condoms Provide The Protection You Didn’t Know You Needed

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If you thought you weren’t in the market for condoms, well, you are now. If you’re a wine-lover that is.

Created for wine-obsessives who don’t want to lose a single drop, the disposable latex wine “condom” reseals a wine bottle and promises 99.9 percent effectiveness in preventing spillage.

You can get a pack of six on Amazon for $14 and unlike regular condoms, you can reuse them. They are food safe and work for any bottle.

Mother and son duo Laura Bartlett and Mitch Strahan founded the company in 2014 when they were inspired by a night when Bartlett came home with a bottle of wine secured only by cling wrap and rubber bands. The pair turned their idea into a business and raised $7,500 on Kickstarter to help launch the idea. Today the company has sold more than one million of the novelty item.

OK, so you could probably use a high-quality wine stopper instead, but these would definitely make for a fun gift for the wine lover in your life. And let’s face it, there are plenty of dumb boozy products out there.

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