Win a Trip to Kentucky (Partner Tip)

Russell’s Reserve bourbon is one-of-a-kind.

It is the result of a special collaboration between father-son master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell. Now, you get a chance to visit Kentucky to taste that distinctive bourbon where it is made.

The Russells share a combined 94 years of distilling mastery and all that experience went into creating Russell’s Reserve. The pair hand-select barrels from the center of the rickhouse, where the aging conditions are prime.

It’s one thing to sample great bourbon anywhere in the world. It’s another thing to taste it at its source. Now you can win a trip for two to see—and taste—the handiwork of Jimmy and Eddie on-site in Kentucky.

Enter here to have the chance to land a unique distillery tour experience with master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell. You’ll witness mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturation and bottling, then—saving the best for last—you will taste Russell’s Reserve whiskies alongside Jimmy and Eddie.

Bourbon tastings in the heart of bourbon country: Now that’s how to celebrate Father’s Day.

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