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Whisky Returns from Space with Dramatic New Flavor

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Image: popsci.com

Your next glass of whisky could taste out of this world.

Ardbeg, the Scotch whisky distillery, and Texas-based space research company, NanoRacks, sent MixStix vials (think, glow sticks) of unaged whisky and particles of charred oak to the International Space Station in an aging experiment starting in October 2011.


Researchers focused on tracking the behavior of terpenes—organic compounds that serve as the building blocks of flavor in whisky—in a microgravity environment using 3 analyses.

After the samples returned to Earth in September 2014, the results—dramatic differences in aroma and  taste between the space whisky and control samples in Ardbeg Warehouse 3—were revealed in a White Paper and one of the space traveling vials began a new journey touring the globe.

Will these results factor into Ardbeg’s future flavor expressions? Read more at BBC.

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