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7 of the Wildest Whiskey-Related Products on the Market

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Your love of whiskey knows no bounds. Fortunately, neither do these whiskey-infused home products.

Steep your everyday life in the oaky aroma of bourbon-barrel pizza cutters, pipes and lollipops. If inhaling that deep whiskey essence simply isn’t enough, you can even slather your face with spirit-scented beard oil. But maybe don’t wear that whiskey scent to work. Your boss might get the wrong idea.


1. Whiskey Beard Oil, $30

Admit it, you haven’t been pampering your beard lately. Shockingly, whiskey is the best-selling scent of this beard moisturizer that’s meant to tame unruly whiskers. Made with organic hemp seed, jojoba and marula oils, the product claims to help “bring out that inner Brando” with its masculine aroma of deep wood and amber. Buy it at portlandgeneralstore.com.

2. Bourbon Barrel Pizza Cutter, $55

Bourbon and Margherita pies can now unite, at long last. Sure, it’s pricey for a one-trick pony, but this tool promises to be the last pizza cutter you’ll ever buy. What makes it so sturdy? Most definitely the 12-inch long reclaimed bourbon-barrel stave handle. Buy it at etsy.com.

3. Bourbon-Flavored Lollipop, $2.49

Keep these pops away from the kids. You’re not dealing with Dum Dums here: These adult suckers should be savored slowly to enjoy the vanilla, oak and caramel notes that channel a real glass of bourbon. See how many licks it takes to reach the center, or use each pop as a swizzle stick in a bourbon-based cocktail. Buy it at kegworks.com.

4. Bourbon Barrel Pipes, $20

And you thought it was impossible to enjoy bourbon and smoke a pipe simultaneously. Crafted from American oak barrel staves and tops, these pipes purport to emit rich, savory flavors and leave a pleasant aftertaste. Pick the pipe that fits your personality: The Gentleman, a modern style with a rustic twist; The Abraham, a lightweight old-fashioned pipe with tapered sides; or The Slim, a simple yet elegant choice with noticeable bourbon barrel characteristics. Buy it at etsy.com.

5. Oak Barrel Pet Bed, $105

Does your love of whiskey extend to your pets? Make sure Sparky’s resting his head inside an authentic retired whiskey barrel, dreaming of sweetly charred bourbon. The company also makes a pet house from a full barrel, in case your furry friend demands a little extra privacy. Buy it at etsy.com.

6. Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair, $595

Proof of a bourbon barrel’s structural integrity, this handsome chair invites you to rest your weary bones on a recycled barrel. Each charred stave is handpicked, sanded, cut and polished and naturally curves to the shape of your body—as if you needed another selling point. Buy it at etsy.com.

7. Whiskey Sled

Ready to hit the slopes with a whiskey-loaded sled? Jack Daniel’s is way ahead of you. Furnished with a leather whiskey holster, this old-fashioned racer is crafted from a retired whiskey barrel, and the scent still lingers in the wood. The slick sled was crafted by a custom wood shop in Austin specifically for a Jack Daniel’s holiday contest. Although the contest is over, you could always commission a custom sled from the craftsman—or wait patiently until next year. Learn more at jackdaniels.com.

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