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We Ate Lots of Boozy Gummy Bears So You Don’t Have To

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We come across a lot of weird trends in the booze world. From cocktail sausages to beer spa treatments to augmented reality cocktail menus, we’ve seen it all. And boozy gummy bears are pretty normal in the grand scheme of things.

And while you can definitely make your own at home, there are lots of retailers making their own versions with unique flavor combinations. Sugarfina, a luxury candy store with locations across the US, pioneered the boozy gummy bear trend and releases new flavors often. We’d written about their bourbon and tequila bears, but we realized no one in the San Francisco office had actually tried them. So we did what good employees of an alcohol-loving company do. We ordered some and sat down for a taste test. Here’s what some of us thought:


Skinny Margarita:

“Are we skinny yet?”

“You can taste the tequila at the end.”

“I can’t tell if I love it or hate it.”

 “I definitely taste the citrus, with an agave finish. I wouldn’t say it tastes like a margarita, though.”

“They all have a faint bouquet of gym socks.”


Casamigos Collection: “Shake Your Margarita”

“This one’s sweeter, but not much different.”

“Are these even different?”

“Tastes a bit like bazooka bubble gum.”

“This one is more lime-y than the non-skinny version.”

“It’s like a margarita with too much triple sec.”


Cuba Libre:

“They smell like those cola shaped gummies from childhood.”

“A little bit of rum, a little bit of funk, a lot of cola taste. These are good.”

“Tastes like college. It tastes like Thursday night all-you-can-drink rum and cokes, in gummy-form.”

“This would be a great rum and coke garnish.”

“They almost have a cherry flavor to them.”


Bourbon Bears:

“These ones smell like cheese, like gorgonzola cheese.”

“They are the only ones actually shaped like gummy bears, but they’re really hard.”

“These taste like fermented gummy bear.”

“I don’t taste bourbon…at all.”

“You can tell they tried to make it oak barrel tasting, but it’s not executed very well”

“It kind of tastes like a cinnamon roll that didn’t get baked.”


Sparkling Rosé Bears:

“These are really good. They taste like strawberry.”

“You can taste orange too.”

“It’s hard to taste too much through the coating of sugar.”

“Citrusy, acidic, sugary. But they taste like gummy bears.”


In the end, the clear winner was the sparkling rosé gummy bear. This wasn’t exactly surprising since the group decided it was the most “gummy bear-flavored,” but I guess that just means you shouldn’t mess with the classic. 


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