Watch This Guy Shotgun a Beer Out of a Salmon

YouTube/Ted Haggard

You may have thought you were on the cutting edge of carnivorous alcohol consumption when you discovered the bone luge, that trend of downing a shot of whiskey out of one end of a marrow bone. But a random guy on YouTube has one-upped you, chugging beer out of the belly of a freshly caught salmon—and making your last Michelada look like a really amateur move.

In the video, uploaded by YouTube user Ted Haggard, the man’s friends cheer, “More beer! Salmon bong! Wooo!” while a tanned woman pours cans of cold brew into the fish’s mouth. The drinker places his lips just south of the salmon’s dorsal fin.

Watch for yourself here and tell us if this is the most bro-tastic thing you’ve seen this week.

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