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Watch Kristen Stewart Beat Jimmy Fallon at Tipsy Twister

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the night that Johnny Carson played Twister with Ava Gabor—quite a risqué moment for the time!—”Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon invited Twilight star Kristen Stewart to play what he called “a new version of Twister we invented: Jell-O Shot Twister!” (We beg to differ: Tipsy Twister has been a thing for a while, with some online photos of Jell-O Shot versions going back as far as 2007.) 

The Jell-O Shot Twister rules, as described by Fallon:


  1. Same rules as Twister but there’s a Jell-O Shot on every color.
  2. So when you put your hand or foot down on a circle, you have to take that shot.
  3. You can’t use a circle more than once.
  4. First one to fall down loses.

These are gargantuan shots!” protested Stewart.

But eventually, after downing six shots, she emerged victorious as Fallon topples to the mat.

Will it go down in history alongside Carson and Gabor’s stunt half a century ago? Watch their crazy mixed-up game and see for yourself.

Feel like playing a round of Tipsy Twister yourself? Check out our recipe for Jell-O Shots.

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