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Watch a Bartender Pour 17 Jäger Bombs at Once

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We’ve all seen bartenders doing cool bar tricks and bottle flips, but this feat takes flair bartending to a whole new level.

A video posted recently on ViralHog’s YouTube channel shows bartender Philip Traber pouring 17 Jäger Bombs at once—and he didn’t even spill a drop.

The crazy part? This impressive feat isn’t a first for Traber. The bartender had previously poured 14 Jäger Bombs at once, which was believed to be the world record, though neither attempt has officially certified by Guinness World Records. Apparently 14 just wasn’t good enough for Traber, so he decided to beat his own personal best at a recent event in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Although he makes it look effortless, this task requires lots of patience and skill. In the video, a table is set with 18 Red Bull–filled glasses with shot glasses balanced on top. Traber then stacks empty glasses until they tower at least a foot over his head. Next, he take a bottle of Jägermeister and pours a shot into each individual glass within his tall stack.

Here’s the part where everyone begins to hold their breath: Traber begins to slowly rotate the stack to a horizontal position as liquid pours out of each cup into its respective shot glass. Finally, with the flick of his pinky, he taps the first shot glass into its glass of Red Bull, creating a domino effect with the rest of the shots. The result? A cause for celebration.

Watch it here for yourself.

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