Want to Get Your Hands on a Bottle of 63-Year-Old Scotch?

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Start saving up. This drinkable piece of history will set you back about $31,000.

Tullibardine 1952, a 63-year-old single malt Scotch, is the first offering from Tullibardine’s Custodian’s Collection, which launched with the distillery’s private Custodian Club in London on June 25. These limited-edition whiskies have all been aged for 40 years or more.

This particular release comes from the oldest sherry cask at Tullibardine Distillery in Blackford, Scotland. As a part of the brand’s first distilling operations, this Scotch whisky has been maturing since Queen Elizabeth II’s inauguration and seen the turn of a new Millennium.

In 1488, Tullibardine opened as a brewery and was revered by King James IV. It’s conversion to a distillery began in 1947 and the first distilling operation went under way two years later—which means that this particular release is nearly as old as the distillery itself.

There are only 70 bottles of Tullibardine 1952 for sale, 25 of which have already been reserved. The whisky is housed in a Baccarat crystal decanter designed to resemble Tullibardine’s signature drop—there are even real gold accents. Buyers will also receive a membership card for the distillery’s exclusive Custodian Club.

Ready to drop 31 grand on a bottle of Highland single malt? Contact Tullibardine for more information.


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  • M7mantle posted 2 years ago

    1952 is the year I was born and now I know what I will buy for my birthday if I ever hit the lottery. That's a gorgeous bottle.

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