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Watch Out, Vodka: VEEV is Coming for You… | Partner Tip

Vodka, you have met your match.

Vodka, you had better watch your back. Because the new VEEV is beating you at your own game.

VEEV is still born in Brazil and handcrafted in the USA, but it is now a 70-proof, premium spirit with notes of all-natural, organic açaí, prickly pear and acerola cherry to deliver a dynamic, well-balanced taste and aroma unique only to VEEV.


See, VEEV is more versatile and mixable than vodka. So VEEV is not only a viable substitute for your favorite vodka, it one-ups poor vodka. Discover why the new VEEV will change the way you drink. 

VEEV debuted its new, vodka-trumping Cheat on Vodka campaign at the legendary Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans last week. There was a vending machine activated by tweeting “#cheatonvodka” and the esteemed Willy Shine poured his Breakfast Fizz and Revive Lemonade, two VEEV cocktails that highlighted the spirit’s freshness and versatility. Sunglasses, t-shirts and #CheatOnVodka underwear were all dispensed: It was a straight-up Cheat On Vodka party.

The new VEEV: It’s what vodka should be. Start cheating now.

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