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Upgrade Your Favorite Sandwich Cookies with Boozy Fillings

Booze-spiked cookies / Tim Nusog

By now you've probably heard of "drunken Oreos," the liquor-spiked treats that call for replacing the sandwich cookie’s sugary filling with vodka-spiked pudding. They’re fun and sweet and boozy. But they're not particularly delicious from a cocktail lover’s point of view; the plain pudding plus neutral spirit renders them basically the cookie equivalent of Jell-O Shots ... but with far less flavor.

By swapping the unflavored vodka for some legitimately amazing alcohol and pairing each spirit with more interesting filling flavors and cookie varieties, you can have a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and your liquor-loving palate, too.

These are four of our favorite recipes to get you started, plus a few suggestions for additional riffs at the end.

1. Boozy Oreos

Boozy Chartreuse Oreos / Tim Nusog

Say goodbye to ordinary Oreos and try this recipe that calls for replacing the sandwich cookies’ standard filling with one flavored with herbaceous green Chartreuse. Distilled by Carthusian monks in the French Alps, the liqueur is flavored with peppermint, plus about 130 other botanical ingredients, and clocks in at a whopping 55% alcohol. The resulting cookies will have you seeing heaven.

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2. Boozy Cinnamon Bun Oreos

Boozy cinnamon bun Oreos / Tim Nusog

These Oreos have it all: the comfort-food appeal of the beloved sandwich cookie, the alluring spice of cinnamon buns and a boozy kick. Just twist apart some Cinnamon Bun Oreos and replace the sugary filling with an alcohol-enhanced mixture of butterscotch, cinnamon and whiskey.

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3. Boozy Carrot Cake Oreos

Boozy carrot cake Oreos / Tim Nusog

If you’re a fan of carrot cake, you’ll go crazy over these cookies, which retain the spiced flavor of deconstructed Carrot Cake Oreo cookies and call for replacing their filling with a mixture of cream cheese and vodka.

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4. Boozy Nutter Butters

Boozy Nutter Butters / Tim Nusog

Who doesn’t love a Nutter Butter? The peanut-butter-flavored cookies are a favorite of kids and adults alike, and they're even better when deconstructed and then refilled with a mixture of creamy peanut butter and Frangelico, a hazelnut-flavored liqueur.

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Other Variations

All of these recipes use the same filling formula as the Cinnamon Bun version: Prepare the pudding using 1/3 of the amount of milk called for on the box, plus 3 ounces of alcohol.

  • Grasshopper Pie: original chocolate Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding, crème de menthe
  • Lemon Cream Pie: lemon (or golden) Oreo cookies, lemon pudding, Absolut Citron citrus vodka
  • Tropical Vacation: Key Lime Pie (or golden) Oreo cookies, coconut pudding, lime zest, Sailor Jerry spiced rum