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Unlock National Bourbon Heritage Month | Partner Tip

Bourbon enthusiasts, welcome to your favorite month.

For bourbon lovers, September is a month full of celebration. Declared National Bourbon Heritage Month by an act of Congress, September offers 30 fine days during which true bourbon fans can explore and honor the legacy of America’s Native Spirit. Now is the time to dive into the colorful, fabled history of bourbon, from its charred oak barrels to its Bluegrass State home.

What better way to celebrate this epic month than with a bourbon that boasts a colorful history of its own? Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch, wheated bourbon with historical ties to the famous Old Fitzgerald brand, acquired by Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle during Prohibition. According to legend, John E. Fitzgerald founded his distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River and sold his bourbon exclusively to steamships, rail lines and private clubs. That legend, however, proved fictional when it was later revealed that Fitzgerald was actually a bonded treasury agent who used his private warehouse keys to sneak sips of bourbon from the best barrels. Those very barrels eventually became known as “Fitzgerald barrels,” as a tribute to the agent’s fine taste and appreciation for great bourbon.


With its release, Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon set the record straight with the long-hidden true story of John E. Fitzgerald. And as the foundation for this remarkable bourbon, the real Fitzgerald’s infamous act made it clear that truth is often better than fiction.

What other secrets can Larceny unlock about bourbon? Just like Fitzgerald, America’s Native Spirit hides many more stories waiting to be told. Discover the truth behind bourbon with Liquor.com’s Bourbon Heritage Month coverage, including a bourbon-focused quiz that tests just how much you really know about the brown spirit. Check back for more celebratory stories and Bourbon Country coverage launching throughout the month, and make sure to chime in on social media with all your bourbon-based news, experiences and straight-up drinking by using #30DaysofBourbon.

Kick off National Bourbon Heritage Month with Larceny as your guide, and make this September a legendary one.

Brands: Larceny

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