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7 Unexpected Brunch Cocktails You Never Heard Of

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Brunch is the one meal that definitely laughs in the face of all feasting rules.

When lunch doesn’t offer eggs and bacon, brunch doesn’t bat an eye at them. While breakfast might judge you for your early morning cocktail, the cocktails are bottomless at brunch. In a way, brunch is like Las Vegas: Anything goes and if everything is done right, you probably won’t remember much.


As amazing as this unconventional eatfest may be, it’s also time to switch up our cocktails for the occasion. Mimosas and Bellinis are great but let these new creative cocktails teach you a new way to merge breakfast and lunch.

1. Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail

If you can’t brunch in the tropics, why not drink like you’re there instead? This variation of the Champagne Cocktail combines pineapple and coconut juices that will have you seeing the palm trees from beyond your pancakes. With coconut rimming your glass, give this cocktail a try when your standard bubbly just will not do. Get the recipe.

2. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

There seems to be an easy equation for great morning cocktails: ake whatever you like to drink in the morning and add booze. Don’t believe us? Ask the Mimosa. The Earl Grey Tea Cocktail follows in the Mimosa’s footsteps by adding gin, honey, and lemon juice to the morning staple. For extra aroma, the drink is garnished with lavender sprigs. Perfect for brunch, this caffeinated cocktail will give you the energy you need for—what else—drinking more cocktails. Get the recipe.

3. Citrusy Champagne Sangria

From Bellinis to Death in the Afternoon, there has never been a sparkling cocktail brunch didn’t like. The Citrusy-Champagne Sangria, with its abundance of grapefruit juice, clementines and blood orange is no exception. Simple to make in advance and for a crowd, this Sangria is great for a party host looking for a flavorful punch with a low ABV count. After all, you do still have to work Monday morning.  Get the recipe.

4. Maple Syrup Cocktail

Waffle. Bacon. Listening now? Now that we have your undivided attention, its time to tell you about the Maple Syrup Cocktail. It’s basically breakfast in your glass. A gathering of Irish cream, milk and maple syrup, this sweet drink takes the best of the most important meal of the day and adds a healthy dose of dark rum. To top it off, mini-waffles and bacon bits adorn the cocktail—because if you’re going to have breakfast with your breakfast, this is the way to do it. Get the recipe.

5. Irish Brunch

When it comes to brunch cocktails, the saying is true: Less is more. Most of the drinks served during this feast are simple, easily served in pitchers, and rapidly served to much consumption. The Irish Brunch Cocktail honors this tradition with only 3 ingredients.  This drink skips brunch-friendly champagne for Irish whiskey and adds a touch of butterscotch schnapps and orange juice. Cheers to a Mimosa with a harder punch. Get the recipe.

6. Mimosa Smoothie

Have you ever taken a sip from your mimosa and thought “acceptable, but needs more protein?”

We haven’t either, but we’re happy to know the option exists with the Mimosa Smoothie. Taking both ingredients and blending in vanilla yogurt, the result is a frothy, creamy version of the brunch classic–with an added dose of protein, because lifting your glass is exercise, right? Get the recipe.

7. Verde Mary

Any brunch list without a Bloody Mary is no brunch list at all. The Verde Mary is a tart remix of the staple tomato recipe. Those green tomatoes and tomatillos you love in your salsa verde become the shining star in this tangy twist. While Verde Mary works well with vodka, we recommend using tequila to really bring this green machine to life. Get the recipe.

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