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The Ultimate Fall Cocktails

The bad news: Summer officially ends tomorrow. The good news: Fall begins, bringing with it a whole cornucopia of delicious produce that can be used in a range of delicious cocktails. So to help you make the transition a bit easier, we picked some of our favorite autumnal drinks, which showcase an array of seasonal ingredients.

It just wouldn’t be fall without a crisp apple, and the fruit works surprisingly well in cocktails.  The Copper, created by top bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Willy Shine, is a perfect example of its versatility, also calling for complex Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and a spiced-tea syrup.


Theo Lieberman’s aptly named Apple Business (pictured above) is another great autumnal option. It’s a flavorful and simple combination of gin, apple and lime juices, and honey. It’s so tasty we’d recommend drinking it year-round.

If you really love apples, fix The Tender Knob, from another of our advisors, H. Joseph Ehrmann. It includes both muddled fresh apple and alcoholic apple cider. The recipe also features Knob Creek Bourbon and a generous pinch of grated cinnamon.

But Charlotte Voisey’s Apples & Pears takes the prize for truly capturing the spirit of the season. It’s a mixture of pear juice, a vanilla-nutmeg simple syrup, hard cider and an apple vodka. Have a few sips, and the end of summer won’t seem like such a big deal after all.

(Photo courtesy Alice Gao)

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