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Truck Crash Causes Beer to Rain From the Sky

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(image: Fox 31)

Have you ever been told not to cry over spilled milk? What about spilled beer? Well that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night in Denver. According to The Denver Post, a tractor-trailer carrying a large amount of beer crashed on a ramp from eastbound Interstate 70 to northbound Interstate 25. The accident caused a massive spill of  boozeabout 60,000 pounds of Miller Genuine Draftto rain on the highway below.

Although Denver Police assured the public there were no injuries in the crash, the truck did end up dangling above Interstate 25 on the edge of the Interstate 70 bridge. The crash caused major delays, though some did seem to find a silver lining in the whole situation.


One driver posted a video of the beer catastrophe on Instagram, writing, “It’s not every day your favorite beer company gifts the streets of Denver with the refreshing taste of Miller Genuine Draft.”

The only problem with this “gift”? All of the beer in the truck was expired and headed to a recycling facility.


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