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Trends We’re Loving: Cocktail-Flavored Doughnuts

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(The Doughnut Project)

The Doughnut Project is notorious for its creatively designed doughnuts.

And these days, the New York bakery is stepping up its game for liquor enthusiasts with cocktail-inspired doughnuts. This new series launched on April 21 and will be going on each weekend through May 21, honoring five of its favorite NYC cocktail bars.


A specialty cocktail from the selected bars will be sold each weekend. Liquor creams fill the signature doughnuts and are dipped in boozy glazes to create the most satisfying treats for customers and cocktail connoisseurs.

”Our flavors have always been inspired by food and cocktails,” says co-owner Leslie Polizzotto. “When we decided to do our recent Restaurant Series doughnuts, we knew we would want to also do a Cocktail Series, where we would create doughnuts inspired by cocktails from NYC’s cool bars.”

These liquor-filled creations definitely won’t disappoint. After all, it’s the best excuse to have a drink for breakfast!

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