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Track Your Drinking with Your Apple Watch

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A new product from alcohol-monitor manufacturer BACtrack is changing the wearables game. Named BACtrack Skyn, the innovative technology is the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor.

With Skyn, the standalone breathalyzer could become a thing of the past. The product tracks the levels of alcohol and ethanol molecules secreted through the skin, a measurement known as transdermal alcohol content (TAC).


The coolest feature of Skyn? There’s a version of the monitor that’s built into an Apple Watch band, which is expected to sell for approximately $100. Both the standalone wearable or the band-mounted model can be synced to an Apple Watch for live blood-alcohol content updates. The device can even give updates to tell you to slow down or stop drinking altogether.

Beyond reducing hangovers, the inventors of the product hope to help prevent unsafe drinking behaviors. By offering an affordable easy-to-use product may help to reduce the country’s staggering 10,000 alcohol-related car deaths every year.

The revolutionary product is already causing a stir, winning the grand prize of $200,000 in the Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge last year. Two improved designs followed the prototype, and the newest version is almost ready for the public.

Although it’s not available yet, you can preorder your Skyn here.

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