Tipsy Peacock Breaks $500 Worth of Booze

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Animal Control Officer attempting to capture the peacock. (Image: Rani Ghanem)

There is a lot of risk in owning a liquor store. Burglary, robbery, breakage…run-ins with angry peacocks?

A female peacock made her way through a family-owned Los Angeles liquor store this week, destroying $500 worth of alcohol as it explored the aisles.

Store manager Rani Ghanem said he had no idea the majestic bird was roaming the shop until customers were asking him about “el pollo”, which means “the chicken” in Spanish.

An animal control officer eventually showed up to the scene, but catching the feathered fowl wasn’t easy. As seen from the video, the control officer attempts to capture the elusive bird, but during the resistance sends precious bottles of wine and champagne crashing to the floor.

In the end, the officer and store manager were able to safely ensnare the bird. But this leaves us wondering: what’s the “You break it, you buy it” policy for peacocks?

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