Tiny Jägermeister Bottles are Adorable and Portable

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Summer means spending time outdoors, and the best way to enjoy the great wide world is with a cocktail in hand. Now, fans of Jägermeister can take their Jäger Bombs on the go without worrying about lugging around a whole bottle of the herbal liqueur, thanks to the brand’s newest creation: the “Mini Meister.”

The 20 mL (0.67oz) single-serve glass bottles will be sold in a “Prost Pack” of 10, perfect for for tailgating, camping, barbecues, or just sitting on the porch.

The tiny bottles can be poured into no-measure cocktails, or enjoyed on their own as a shot. According to Beverageworld.com, the Prost Packs will sell for about $10 and will be available  in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Massachusetts to start.

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