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This Self-Driving Fridge Comes When You Call For a Beer

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(image: Business Insider)

If you didn’t think you could possibly get any lazier, we’ve found your perfect new appliance. Panasonic unveiled the prototype for Ku last month, a voice-activated fridge that comes when you call.

It uses LIDAR and special sensors to navigate and map your home, much like a Roomba. Panasonic said it designed the appliance with the elderly and those with mobility issues in mind, hoping to save them unnecessary trips to the kitchen. The company is also said to be considering adding a warming plate to the top of the fridge.

The next time you’re relaxing on the couch finishing a beer, you could simply shout, “Fridge, come here!” and you’d have another cold beverage in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, since it’s just a prototype, the fridge won’t be available for five to six years, if produced for the masses at all. I guess we’ll have to settle for this coffee table beer fridge in the meantime.

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