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This New Spirit Is Distilled From Spit Bucket Wine

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If you’ve been wine tasting before, you’re familiar with the spit bucket. This less-than-glamorous vessel is essential if you’re trying to make it through a long day of sipping without getting so drunk you can’t remember your name. But what do they do with all that extra wine?

Most wineries dispose of it, of course, but an Australian distiller took a look at all that waste and saw an opportunity instead.


Tasmanian distiller Peter Bignell took spit bucket wine and transformed it into an 80-proof, clear spirit that tastes similar to unaged brandy.

“It was lovely,” Bignell told The Guardian. “It had quite a lot of fruit flavor in it.”

Bignell acknowledged that some people would be disgusted by the idea of the spirit but emphasized that the distilling process kills off all germs. It’s all about sustainability, he said, and Bignell is no stranger to sustainability—his distillery in Kempton, Tasmania, is the only one in Australia that runs entirely on biodiesel.

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