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This New Product Wants to Make Drinking In the Shower Even Easier

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(image: SipCaddy)

No matter how you feel about the concept of drinking in the shower, it’s a phenomenon that isn’t going anywhere. Perpetuated by college kids and people that love wasting time under a constant stream of hot water, it doesn’t seem like a ritual with much need for improvement. You simply open a beer and take it into your shower. But one craft brewery created a beer specifically designed and named for the habit, and another brewery opened a hotel with in-shower beer fridges and beer spa treatments.

But where do you put your beverage if your tub rim is filled, aptly, with regular bath products like shampoo, conditioner and soap? SipCaddy has designed a portable suction cup holder specifically designed for beer and wine. It comes in six different colors and can hold up to seven pounds when applied properly to a nonporous surface. It’s also dishwasher safe.

OK, so this piece of plastic has plenty of uses beyond providing you with a convenient way to get drunk in the shower. Photos show the holder can be used to hold a coffee mug (hello, morning efficiency), store upside down shampoo bottles (genius) and place your towel as close to you as physically possible (because who likes that chilly shower feeling). No matter what your needs are, this seems like this year’s perfect stocking stuffer.

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