This New Hotel is All About Gin

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Gin lovers, you’re about to have a new favorite vacation spot in London.

Already known as a hub for the botanical spirit, the English capital takes it one step further as Notting Hill welcomes The Distillery, a hotel dedicated to all things gin.


Created by Portobello Road Gin, The Distillery focuses on the spirit’s history, production and consumption. The building houses the brand’s distillery, a museum, two bars and The Ginstitute, a spot where aficionados can learn to create their own gin.

With just three cozy guest rooms—each custom-designed by the company’s founders—the hotel definitely boasts exclusivity. Each chamber is equipped with a record player, as well as a minibar featuring local spirits, so guests can sip to their hearts’ content 24 hours a day.

The two hotel bars each have their own creative flair. The ground floor location serves up more than just gin, including a roster of experimental spirits for patrons to sample. The second bar focuses more on Spanish-style Gin & Tonics paired with tapas. Visitors will also have the opportunity to check out the distillery’s 400-liter copper alembic still to truly get a sense of how the gin is made.

Although boozy bed-and-breakfasts and interactive distillery experiences have been gaining popularity on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and elsewhere, this appears to be the start of a similar trend in the world of gin.

If you’re interested in experiencing the ultimate gin experience, check out The Distillery’s website for more information.

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