This Might Be the Most Expensive Moscow Mule Ever

There’s a lot to love about the classic Moscow Mule. But do you love it enough to drink 10 pounds of it?

Two New York City bars think you do. The Beach at Dream Downtown and PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown are now offering the Mega Mule, a 164-ounce version of the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, for $185. The cocktail (can you still call it that?) arrives in a massive copper mug and contains more than half a bottle of vodka (or tequila), so sip this one with several friends. That is if any of you can lift it. These are the dreams Instagram was made of, so expect to see this one popping up on social media all summer.

If you’d rather make your own Moscow Mule, check out our recipe as well as some variations:

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