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This Magic Wand Wants To Make Your Hangover Disappear

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Everyone knows the worst part of drinking is the dreaded morning after. You wallow in headache misery, chugging Gatorade, vowing you’ll never drink again (because we all know that’s true). But what if you could drink with the promise of a hangover-free tomorrow?

For wine drinkers, this could become a reality. A new wine filter called The Wand helps to reduce the ingredients in wine that cause hangovers. The device created by PureWine can remove 95 percent of sulfite preservatives and histamines, without altering the alcohol itself.


Although shaped more like a paddle than a wand, the device can be used on red or white wine and, according to the PureWine, can even improve the drink’s taste. Along with removing hangover-causing ingredients, the wand also aerates the wine through its filter. Instructions for the gadget are simple: Stir for three minutes, then sip.

The product may seem too good to be true, but its creator has some serious credibility. PureWine CEO David Meadows boasts a PhD. in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan, along with several patents and decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The only downside of the wands? They’re intended for single use, so you’ll need to stock up. Right now, they’re available in wine bars and stores in Dallas, as well as online in packs of eight ($18) or 24 ($48).

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