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This Hangar One Vodka is Made from San Francisco Fog

Distillers can make vodka out of almost any fruit or vegetable—potatoes, grains, and grapes, to name just three popular examples. But you’ve never had a vodka like Hangar One Fog Point vodka, made from actual San Francisco fog.

Working with sustainability charity FogQuest, Hangar One installed mesh fog catchers in four iconic Bay Area locations: San Francisco’s Sutro Tower site and Outer Sunset neighborhood, the Berkeley Hills, and FogQuest’s El Sobrante, Calif., headquarters.

“The process of collecting fog is actually similar to the process of distilling,” says Hangar One lead distiller Cayley Shoemaker. “Taking a liquid, vaporizing it, and then collecting the vapor back to a liquid.”

And, apparently, it’s not just a gimmick. Shoemaker reports that “the water does have a flavor and it lends something unique to the final product.” The brand’s website says the spirit offers “elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle.”

Will sales outpace the brand’s popular Mandarin Blossom flavor? Unlikely. The team collected enough water to make just 2,400 bottles in 6 months, so the price is steep. At $125 a bottle, this particular expression is likely to remain a collectible item rather than a mass-market sensation. But it shines a light on the growing need for conservation and sustainability in an expanding spirits marketplace, causes close to Shoemaker’s heart.

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