This Gun Lets You Spray Champagne Like a Boss

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photo: courtesy Champagne Gun

If you have some cash to spare and want to get the party started in style, the Champagne Gun is here for you. Because what is a party if it doesn’t involve a Champagne-filled Super Soaker?

Invented by French company Extra-Night, the Champagne Gun holds a magnum of bubbly and will shoot a 16- to 23-foot spray for up to 45 seconds. The showy gizmo costs $459 a pop—Champagne not included—and comes in chrome, gold and rose-gold finishes to match any party outfit.

Described as “party weapons” on the product website, the guns can be used with the diffuser for post–Grand Prix victory celebrations or yacht-to-yacht combat, or with a service spout if you’re just looking to pour out some toasts gangsta-style.

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