This Cocktail Menu Pays Tribute to Your Favorite Childhood Movie

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Great Spambino cocktail (image: Smallman Galley)

Nostalgia levels have hit an ultimate high with the release of a cocktail menu inspired by the ’90s childhood classic The Sandlot.

Everyone remembers the heroics of Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and his PF Flyers, and the endless savagery of Ham’s insults, and now you can enjoy all of these memories in the form of booze. Smallman Galley is an incubator-style venue in Pittsburgh that provides the infrastructure for undiscovered, local chefs to open a restaurant and showcase their food concepts and skills at low risks and costs. The 6,000-square-foot location is also home to a cocktail bar, and if you’re around the area and fail to check out this menu, you’re probably an “L7 weenie” anyways.

To tug at your heartstrings even more, the whole cocktail menu is on the back of a real VHS case. Some of the cocktails include the Hercules, Wendy Peppercorn, Legends Never Die and many more.

You’re killin’ us, Smallman!

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