These Geniuses Are Building a 4-Mile Beer Tunnel

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Hauling a 160-pound keg for miles is a grueling task, even for the mightiest of individuals. But when faced with the possibility of no beer at all, partygoers at a German Music Festival found another way.

The folks at The Wacken Open Air music festival have designed a plan to build a four-mile, underground pipeline to deliver roughly 105,000 gallons of beer through the festival grounds in northern Germany.

Once completed, the pipeline will hold enough pressure to pour six beers in six seconds. The colossal project will allow each thirsty heavy metal enthusiasts to consume 5.1 liters or almost 1.4 gallons of beer over the course of the event.

Drinking beer is one of the most cherished activities at the world’s biggest metal music festival and their plan is going to make a lot of metal rockers very happy for years to come.

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