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There’s a Giant Merlot Wine Bath At a Japanese Theme Park & Spa

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Nothing is quite as relaxing as indulging in a spa day, except maybe doing so with a glass of wine in hand. At least that’s what we thought until we heard about the Yunesson Spa Resort in Japan.

Located in Hakone, this specialty spa isn’t just that—it’s also a theme park. The hot spring resort offers guests a variety of traditional Japanese spa treatments, as well as a very unique bathing experience: a giant merlot wine bath.


Inspired by the likes of Cleopatra and Queen Mary, the owners created the merlot bath to promote skin rejuvenation. However, the best part may be that the bath is filled by a massive, 12-foot bottle of merlot.

In addition to the wine bath at Yunesson, you can also take a dip in a coffee bath, a green tea bath or even a ramen noodle broth bath, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Other spas around the globe have also gotten in on the spa plus wine trend. The Wine Spa in London offers guests seven wine-based treatments said to prevent premature aging while a beer hotel in Ohio offers guests the option of bathing in IPA-filled hot tubs.

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