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The World’s First Gin Spa Is Now Open

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(image: The Gin Spa)

Liquor and health are no longer enemies in the same sentence. There are beer spas, bourbon soaps, wine tub caddies and brews specifically crafted (or marketed, at least) to be enjoyed while bathing. These days, where there’s relaxing and self-care, there’s likely booze, too.

Scotland is jumping in on the trend with the recently opened Gin Spa, a first-of-its-kind spa catering to the U.K.’s obsession with the juniper-flavored spirit.


Currently, there’s no actual gin integrated into any of the spa treatments, but you’ll get a complimentary cocktail with each service. If that’s not enough gin for you, some of the higher-end treatments finish with a multicourse gin tasting menu.

Owner Paul Reynolds told the Huffington Post, “We are focusing on botanical-inspired products for our treatments. … And where we want to take this journey is the customer is experiencing gin from the minute they come through the door. So that the scent of juniper and lime is what they experience as soon as the door opens.”

The spa opened last month in Glasgow from the team behind Gin 71, a popular gin-focused bar.

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