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The New Trend We’re Loving: The Bar Shed

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(image: Kloter Farms)

Say goodbye to bonus rooms, craft dens, gaming rooms and “man caves.” It’s time to welcome the new trendy at-home hobby space: the bar shed.

Imagine a wondrous entertainment room located in the comfort of your backyard, well-equipped with all the necessities: good booze, a great atmosphere and a kick-back setup. A bar shed provides the experience of going out with the convenience of staying home. And then there’s the relaxation factor of being your own bartender, creating your drinking environment and selecting your preferred guests.


If you’re feeling inspired to give the old garden shed a much-needed makeover, these five ideas can help you create your ultimate outdoor paradise.

1. The Classic

(image: Woody’s Taxidermy)

You simply can’t go wrong with this classic setup featured on Woody’s Taxidermy. The wooden finish gives a lived-in look, and the leather bar stools, flat-screen TV, glowing beer signs and impressive alcohol collection all tie into the vibe. This space provides all the best parts of a sports bar minus the hassle of people you don’t know spilling your beer.

2. The Comfortable

(image: Suburban Men)

If you’re looking to up your game for a homelike look, follow Suburban Men’s advice. Wood accents keep things warm, a wide countertop accommodates a beer tap, and ceiling fixtures brighten the mood. A leather couch compliments the bar stools and creates more cozy seating for your guests. It’s your bar away from bar!

3. The Happy Camper

(image: Kloter Farms)

This bar shed designed by Kloter Farms is perfect for the outdoorsy type. Transform your backyard into the ultimate campsite by adding rustic touches such as barn doors, hand-carved signs and soft natural lighting. If you’re ready to go the extra mile, add a fire pit while you’re at it. The DIY Network will show you just how to bring this plan to light.

4. The Vacation Destination

(image: Suburban Men)

It’s the perfect getaway after a long day at the office. Take your bar into a fun direction with theme-specific pieces to set the scene. Bamboo detailing, Tiki lighting and Hawaiian accents turn this once-ordinary bar into a tropical paradise—the perfect place to make the perfect Mai Tai.

5. The Glamorous Lounge 

(image: Thrillist)

For the ultralounge of your dreams, follow Thrillist’s lead for an incredibly chic experience. Install some neon lights, play with textured surfaces, then add some modern stools. You’ll get the glamour of a night on the town without the heartbreak of checking your bank account the next day.

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