The Hops in Your Beer Could Help Fight Cancer

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Hops, the magical little cone-shaped plants that add flavor your favorite beers, aren’t just for giving beer that pleasant dose of bitterness anymore. You may have already heard that the hops in beer can help lower the risk of osteoporosis in women, but now researchers at the University of Idaho think that the bitter plants can help to fight diseases in everyone.

The American Chemical Society stated in a press release that researchers are discovering more about how to extract healthful chemicals from hops, most specifically humalones, “alpha acids that have anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.”

The scientists hope to soon be able to synthesize these compounds to use in drugs to fight cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Read more about the benefits of hops here.

Want to get started on staying healthy? Try one of these beer cocktails:

Rub & Rye
Beggar’s Banquet

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