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The Fruits of Our Labor

It’s been a long, hot summer. And this weekend offers a much-needed (and final) break before we dive back into the fall and—help us all—the holiday season.

So we suggest you take it easy the next few days, which means no mixological heroics, please. (It is Labor Day after all.) Don’t even contemplate serving your friends and family Pisco Sours or Caipirinhas.


What you should be fixing are simple-yet-delicious drinks that don’t require any shaking, muddling or extended stirring. We’re thinking about classics like the Moscow Mule, a refreshing combination of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. And that’s it.

Another favorite is the Paloma, a delightful mix of tequila, lime, a pinch of salt and grapefruit soda. To make it that much easier, you can watch all-star bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout demonstrate the proper technique in our short How to Cocktail video.

We also got Bezuidenhout to give us the recipe for his four-ingredient Cadiz Apples (pictured above), which he created for Philadelphia restaurant Square 1682. It calls for gin, sherry, St-Germain and apple juice.

Happy Labor Day!

Cadiz Apples

Contributed by Jacques Bezuidenhout

  • 1.75 oz Plymouth Gin
  • .75 oz Fino sherry
  • .5 oz St-Germain
  • 1.25 oz Unfiltered apple juice
  • Garnish: Lemon twist
  • Glass: Highball

Add all the ingredients to a highball glass and fill with ice. Stir, and garnish with a lemon twist.

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