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The Best Photos on Instagram This Week

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We love Instagram (follow us pls!), but we can’t be everywhere at once. Each week, we’re going to share the best photos of drinks, bars, bottles—basically everything boozy—that Instagram has to offer.

Over the past few months, we’ve been consistently impressed with the caliber of boozing you do each week—and this week has been no exception. Some of you even have your pets joining in the game. Bravo, Insta-boozers, bravo. Job well done.


Be part of history. Tag your photos with #liquorgram and we could immortalize your booze game forever in our next Instagram roundup.

1. @ashr0se

Doing lots of resting and lots of reading of some of my favorite books

A photo posted by Ashley Rose Conway (@ashr0se) on

2. @grandarmybar

3. @beautifulbooze

4. @madypopelka

Was on a train for nearly 4 hours so… Mai Tai me! 🍹🍹🍹 #maitai #tiki #paris9

A photo posted by Madeline Popelka (@madypopelka) on

5. @thomas.grayling

6. @thesepoursouls

The Salty Dog The Salty Dog is a simple variation on The Greyhound cocktail, which adds salt to the rim of the glass to garnish the drink. The Greyhound was first recorded in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930, though it was previously common practice in America to mix grapefruit juice and gin. It’s a light and bittersweet cocktail often enjoyed with brunch, but anyone who says you can’t drink the Salty Dog all day long is no friend of ours. Cheers! Recipe 2oz gin 4oz grapefruit juice Rim a rocks glass with a course salt and fill with ice. Add gin and grapefruit juice and serve. #cocktail #cocktails #drinks #bartender #cocktailculture #mixology #liquorgram #cocktailporn #frenchbulldog #frenchie #dog #gin   A photo posted by These Pour Souls (@thesepoursouls) on

7. @three.sheets

8. @cocktailcrafty

9. @charlesjoly

What can go wrong? @pouring_ribbons A photo posted by Charles Joly (@charlesjoly) on

10. @heritagedistilling

#HDC #SpiritAdventCalendar is coming! ☕️☕️☕️☕️#minisfordays #CoffeeVodka #distillery #HeritageDistilling   A photo posted by Heritage Distilling Company (@heritagedistilling) on

11.#Liquorgram bonus: @barinajar_cocktails 

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