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The 5 Best Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktails


The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the surest sign of spring is on the horizon: the annual blossoming of the Easter candy cocktails. Past years have seen a riot of Peeps-inspired drinks in a rainbow of colors. But this year, the on-trend theme is eggs—Cadbury Creme Eggs, to be specific, those sugar-cream–filled chocolate shells that the British confectioner unleashes on candy shelves every spring.

1. Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktail


The most beautiful of the bunch has to be the stunning layered cocktail (above) from Delicious, an Australian food and entertaining site. It’s called, simply enough, the Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktail and features a chocolate-rimmed glass filled with vanilla vodka, crème de cacao and condensed milk, plus a mini Cadbury egg for garnish.

2. Cadbury Creme Egg Martini

Barbells and Bellinis

The Cadbury Creme Egg Martini from Barbells and Bellinis keeps it simple, spiking a base of chocolate milk, made with melted Cadbury eggs, with chocolate vodka, and served in a glass drizzled with Hershey’s syrup.

3. Egg-dicator Candy Cocktail

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Named for a Willy Wonka gizmo, the Egg-dicator Candy Cocktail from Dylan’s Candy Bar is made with Chambord black raspberry liqueur, Godiva white chocolate liqueur and crushed Cadbury creme eggs.

4. Spiked Caramel Egg


A Year of Cocktails brings us the Spiked Caramel Egg, a decadent drink served in a caramel-swirled glass filled with caramel vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, crème de cacao, Irish cream and milk.

5. Choc-Tail O’Clock

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

If you’re more of a shot lover than a cocktail aficionado, you’re not left out of the fun. The Cadbury Creme Egg Shot Glasses from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily are filled with Baileys Irish Cream, crème de cacao and heavy cream, along with a dollop of caramel sauce to mimic the “yolk” of the creme egg.

Know of any other Cadbury-inspired cocktails? Tell us in the comments!