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The Best Boozy Photos on Instagram This Week

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We love Instagram (follow us pls!), but we can’t be everywhere at once.  Each week, we’re going to share the best photos of drinks, bars, bottles—basically everything boozy—that Instagram has to offer.

This week on Instagram, try some “healthy” cocktails, find the whiskey fit for a championship and discover the glass that will make you miss Game of Thrones with a passion. Remember, if you want to be seen here, tag your boozy pics with #liquorgram!


1. @emmajanzen

A photo posted by Emma Janzen (@emmajanzen) on

Did I mention I’m obsessed with the carrot juice and agave spirit combo thanks to a recent trip to San Francisco? In honor of this, a #tbt to this other gorgeous tipple from @trickdogbar, featuring tequila, aveze, sherry, carrot, lemon and absinthe. It’s nuts.”

2. @deathtosourmix

A photo posted by Raul (@deathtosourmix) on

“For #WorldGinDay here’s the Barbarella, a rad drink from Juniper in Wellesley, MA that has a lovely mix of cucumber vodka and some beautiful Berkshire Mt. Distillers gin. #craftcocktails#deathtosourmix”

3.  @stirandstrain

A photo posted by Elana (@stirandstrain) on

“Penicillin Fizz: blended scotch/ lemon/ ginger syrup/ honey/ house bitters/ lager #stirandstrain#cocktails”

4. @bittersandbottles

“Dub. Dub. Dub. Warrior Whiskey Wednesday. Stock up on local whiskey for the parade. #dubnation#bittersandbottles”

5. @thesepoursouls

“Sometimes the morning after is rough. When it is, a little hair of the dog can be a life saver. First recorded in 1930 by Harry Craddock, the Corpse Reviver and the Corpse Reviver #2 were lauded as a cure for hangovers. The former was never as well received as the latter, and was widely considered the inferior of the two. The second, however, is a cocktail that is complex, mystifying, and unreally satisfying. With all its ingredients mixed in equal parts, it is balanced mysteriously well between dry, sweet, sour, and bitter. So whether or not last night left you feeling like a cadaver, give the Corpse Reviver #2 a try and you’ll be dying for another one.


  • 3/4oz gin
  • 3/4oz lemon juice
  • 3/4oz Cointreau
  • 3/4oz Lillet
  • Absinthe

Shake all ingredients except absinthe with ice. Strain into a coupe or martini glass rinsed with absinthe. Garnish with an orange rose and serve.

6. @kyle4d

A photo posted by Kyle Ford (@kyle4d) on

Fernet + House Cola Syrup? Stop it.”

7. @lukesbeard

A photo posted by Luke Beard (@lukesbeard) on


8. @cocktailexplorer

The “Miss Scarlet” is a rich sour, c/o Doug Phillips of Chicago’s Slippery Slope:

Thanks to @imbibe for sharing.

9. @aguynamedpatrick

Cocktail hour with @zobolondon after she wore me out on a picture-snapping tour of her beautiful neighborhood.

10. @beautifulbooze

Making Aperol and Gin Punch for Wexley Happy Hour!

11. #liquorgram bonus: @xxgastronomista

I’ve got dragons on the mind, and found this insanely awesome crystal dragon glass from our visit to@parchedpenguin this weekend. Even better with a nip of @Jameson_us Black Barrel Cask Strength Whisky!

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