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The Best Boozy Photos on Instagram This Week

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We love Instagram (follow us pls!), but we can’t be everywhere at once.  Each week, we’re going to share the best photos of drinks, bars, bottles—basically everything boozy—that Instagram has to offer.

This week on Instagram, a Minneapolis bartender shines and we apparently missed our invite to an Aperol Spritz party (we’ll assume it was lost in the mail). Also, someone has done us all the favor of breaking down a cocktail mathematically.


Getting thirsty? Make your weekend cocktail, tag us with #liquorgram and soon, everyone could be be drooling over your mixology skills in the next installment of our Instagram roundup.

1. @grandarmybar

A refreshing sherry cobbler in the wild available at Grand Army, Brooklyn.

A photo posted by Grand Army (@grandarmybar) on

2. @kyle4d

Your choice in spirit says a lot about you. Be sure to give it careful contemplation.

A photo posted by Kyle Ford (@kyle4d) on

(editor’s note: I’ve been dying to try this gin)

3. @theliqrcabinet

4. @twoforthebar

5. @simplecocktails

If #engineers were #bartenders! #cocktail #cocktails #manhattan #design #blackandwhite #details #whiskey #vermouth #bitters

A photo posted by Simple Cocktails (@simplecocktails) on

6. @sfgirlbybay

smells like Aperol spirit! #SpritzBreak @aperolusa @thecheeseschool

A photo posted by Victoria Smith (@sfgirlbybay) on

7. @ashr0se

8. @pamwiz

9. @heritagedistilling

Rise and shine it’s whiskey tasting time! #ghwff #whiskey

A photo posted by Heritage Distilling Company (@heritagedistilling) on

10. @shinedrinks

11. #liquorgram bonus: @square_sod

As I promised some time ago I’m going to post about “another” Contessa Cocktail. Acording to Saveur Magazine, this is an original modern creation of John Gertsen, a bartender at Boston Drink. His var is way more far from original Negroni than a previous version. Contessa Cocktail (Original John Gertsen formula) 30 ml gin 30 ml Aperol 30 ml dry vermouth Mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass with plenty of ice and strain over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Add lemon twist. Precisiosly balanced sweetish and bitterish herbal #cocktail. Excellent drink for many summer evenings. #square_SoD #liquorgram #imbibe #whatareyoudrinking #cocktailhour #mixology #negroni #gin #Aperol #vermouth #craftcocktails #cocktailporn #cocktails

A photo posted by Pavlo (@square_sod) on

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