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The 6 Best LaCroix Cocktails for Fall

LaCroix flavored seltzers were the hottest craze of the last few months, with tastemakers declaring the sparkling water brand summer’s undisputed It drink and media going into overdrive to create all manner of LaCroix combinations for beach and poolside.

There’s no reason to leave your obsession behind just because the seasons are changing. LaCroix has helpfully curated a whole menu of autumnal sips—all of them lacking in booze, alas. But we’re here to help you spike these mocktails to boozy perfection! Here are our six favorite LaCroix drinks, including ideas for adding the perfect alcohol for every fall occasion.


1. LaCroix Hocus Pocus Punch

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: A cauldron full of LaCroix Pomme Bayá (apple-berry) and LaCroix Lime, transformed with the magic of cherry juice
Everyday booze option: Add a few shots of Bacardi Torched Cherry rum or Southern Comfort Cherry.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a few shots of Cherry Heering or Luxardo maraschino.

2. LaCroix La Mummy

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: A foggy combination of LaCroix Orange and lemon juice, with a sprig of rosemary
Everyday booze option: Add a shot of Jägermeister.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a shot of Lillet Blanc and a dash of absinthe for a riff on the Corpse Reviver No. 2 .

3. LaCroix La’Pumpkin Punch 

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: A party-size mixture of LaCroix Cran-Raspberry and fresh orange juice, garnished with cranberries and orange slices
Everyday booze option: Add a few shots of raspberry vodka and some orange curaçao.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a few shots of Solerno blood orange liqueur.

4. LaCroix Pear Berry Spritz 

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: The base recipe starts with a can of LaCroix Cran-Raspberry, then adds pear juice and cinnamon sticks.
Everyday booze option: Add a shot of Midnight Moon Cranberry moonshine.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a shot of St. George Pear brandy or Poire Williams liqueur.

5. LaCroix Ginger B’witched

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: 4 parts LaCroix Lime, 2 parts ginger beer, and 1 part lemon juice.
Everyday booze option: Add a shot of straight vodka for a Moscow Mule–style sip.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a shot of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur.

6. LaCroix La’Cinnamon Apples 

(image: LaCroix)

The mocktail: A can of LaCroix Pomme Bayá gets doctored up with apple cider and cinnamon.
Everyday booze option: Add a shot of Fireball whiskey.
Fancy cocktail option: Add a shot of Laird’s Applejack and a dash of allspice dram.

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